October 8, 2021

Sports Betting in New Zealand

With the passing of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill by New Zealand’s parliament in 2019, which made all forms of online gambling offered by local businesses banned, we felt that it was time to come back and look at the effect it has had and what options are available for New Zealander’s to bet online. […]

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September 17, 2020

4 Best Sports Favored by “Kiwis”, New Zealand

Inhabiting over 4.5 million people, New Zealand has some amazing food, sports, destination, and culture that can hype you to visit the land. Along with the sports craze, the land is home to Maori culture. Sports are one of the reasons why New Zealand is known around the world. Some of the known sports crazes of the country are rugby union, rugby league, cricket, football, basketball, and lastly netball. They have also found a special place within the Commonwealth countries. Apart from these games and sports, there are also other games embraced by the country. Squash, golf, hockey, tennis, cycling, and many water-based games being a few of them. In this post, we will be discussing some of the famous sports played in New Zealand.

  1. Rugby: Rugby is one of the chief sports favored by the people in New Zealand. They have even won many trophies including the World Cup in England three times in the year 2015. They also have women team for the same that was received by the contractors on a high level.


  1. Netball: The second sport that has the most supported audience is none other than the Netball game. It shows similarity with basketball and is considered as one of the games initially flagged and played as a variation from the basketball game. The sport has more than 60 teams throughout the world. New Zealand is one of the top countries to have the best Netball team. Since the game is very short that can be played for an hour or so, it also gathered a lot of spectators. Even though Netball is a healthy sport in New Zealand, it is not as much appreciated as Rugby or Cricket, which we will discuss below.


  1. Cricket: First thing first, New Zealand is one of the best countries to have an amazing team while considering Cricket. Cricket and Football are two of the major liked sport of the majority of the people around the world. The game consists of players, bat, ball, sixes, and fours. Even though Cricket is a bit longer than the other sports, it has made an effort to gather many audiences around the world. The sport is loved by people of all kinds in the country. Not only that, the New Zealand team even has audiences and love throughout the globe.


  1. Basketball: The last on our list is Basketball. It is one of the sports that grew no boundaries and attracted many players and viewers across the globe. The most fascinating fact of New Zealand is that the country even has a team named New Zealand Breakers that competed in the world-famous NBL, National Basketball League of Australia.


The above-given list is only the majority of the games loved by the audiences, apart from these there are many other games and sports mentioned in the introduction that has developed a keen interest in the viewers.